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Devender Singh’s fulsome Canvases

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The Dark Doors with rustily old polish, the little rain drops over the grass and varandah filled the root soul, its freshness with courageously sound mind. Those Days ostensibly wet streets had some of the breath of Chir Pine revivify the senses. My father used to sketch down the paintings, sitting just right at the corner of the window, the sound of leaves and the sullen movement of brush strokes made his every day life. The house had its own aroma which amazingly fostered the environment to discover that grandeur. The way back in seventies, his canvases inspired by my mother, who is always a role model for his magnificent and juvenile paintings.

She loves to serve him pancakes and hot Tea through out the day. The days in Parwanoo, a town in Himachal Pradesh, where he spent his almost ten years were the best according to him. The roads were used to strewn with leaves. He still memorize those days back in mountains. Although he now likes to spend his most of the time in Kasauli, A hill- station. Perhaps, the artists are coupled with the internal beauty.

The real blow came when his paintings thoroughly Religious, had its feel of Realistic Sikh History. His paintings not only adorn many famous Indian Art Galleries but also furnish the rich walls of Sikh Temple, Shri Harimander Sahib. I remember him making the battle scenes comprising the history of the sikhs which were exceptional and outstanding, a perfect way to accumulate knowledge of our cultured past. In fact, it’s the best aspect to inspire the generation to come.


The Other morning, Chandigarh, place where he got shifted. The construction was new, soon he turned his house into a studio and a gallery, no wonder he drove his vigorous enthusiasm into that place; never the less same aspiration overflowed his new house. In the Dappled sunlight filtering through the trees he would spend his day transferring the thoughts from the Scripts of Guru Nanak Ragas (Banis) into his Paintings, which later became very famous so called the Barahmaha Series. One could see the rust-red walls of fine masterpieces for the reason that his eternal essence is incredible and far-fetched. Being religiously involved he works like a divine vigour roving inside his senses; so occupied in it that he never peeks to swing from his colourful hues. The exquisite allegorical patches sliced upon the canvases dominate his vital life-force.

That time in the hot summers, typical food of Punjab, Saag, cut by lush and gorgeous Punjabi girls, the yellow sunflower greens, the Charkhas, The Sikh festivals and so much so the Love Stories of Heer and Ranjha and that of Sohni and Mahivaal are enormously portrayed on his canvases. The Sikh Story Books like Nikka Jinda Vadda Saaka and many others, those sakhis (stories) which lot of little ones grew up listening. I used to read those famous Amar Chitra Katha comics illustrated by him. He never falls short to capture the essence; his paintings flawlessly show the elements of rich Punjabi culture beyond the flash.

Those nights with watery moon and fresh unsullied mornings make him paint all through the breath of his canvases.

Glimpse of his new Abstract Painting

Apart from Sikh History, he is well known for his Abstract paintings as well. Hundreds of books have been published since then. The Smithsonian Institution, world’s largest Museum, also exhibits his works. Even the British Broadcasting Cooperation has made a documentary on him. At present he is making a new series of abstract paintings which are going to be exhibited very soon.

Copyrights Devender Singh Artist ;Protected Image All Rights Reserved

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June 12, 2009 at 6:43 pm

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